The Tape That Tape Made #7: Crack Hill Players

Crack Hill Players cassette cover

There’s no doubt that this cassette-only release out of Texas has a large debt to pay to the Soul Assassins sound. In fact, on the standout ‘Flow Like Rain’ on this EP, they even refer to Funkdoobiest in the first line. Still, repeating the same production formula time and again didn’t hurt Muggs when he was overseeing Cypress Hill, House of Pain and Funkdoobiest, so the more the merrier. As far as I know, this is their only release, and as well as being perfectly decent hip-hop – although not typical for Texas in ’93 – they’ve got a good name. Of course, if I was viewing houses in Texas I’d definitely avoid buying one on ‘Crack Hill’. This is the same reason I don’t own any property on ‘Gun Hill’ or ‘Big fucking AIDS, Ebola and knife crime Terrace’.

Crack Hill Players – ‘Flow Like Rain’

Crack Hill Players – ‘CHP in the House’.

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