The Tape That Tape Made #3: Double Dip – Marchitect & 2 of a Kind

Let’s nerd out on some uncheap stuff here. Marchitect’s ‘Dead in Your Tracks’ is a dope 1994 indie staple, beloved of the people who think the mid 90’s rap records that sold 11 copies are the golden age. Regardless, this is still a nice, rarely seen killer. Even rarerererer is the cassingle, which has a hitherto unshared, unposted tape-only track called ‘Corners of the mind’. I mean, it’s only okay, isn’t it? But someone out there will love this, and perhaps also the unflattering picture of Marchitect on the tape cover.

Marchitect cassingle artwork

Way, way, way scarcer is the ‘Pandemonium’ compilation on the Rough Luxury label. The vinyl only exists on test press and, according to Discogs, no-one owns the tape. Which isn’t true, because I definitely sold one to somebody. The highlight is probably the Universal MC’s track, ‘Party Stylin’, an early outing for the duo who became The UMC’s. But for those sitting on their precious rips and TP’s of the vinyl, there’s a track missing. The cassette release has a track that didn’t make the vinyl (maybe for sample reasons, maybe they all fell out) – ‘This Hype’ by 2 of a Kind. I shared this with a couple of peeps a while back, and the legendary OGDonNinja has also shared this on YouTube. This is direct from my tape – and I love the kid MC on this.

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