The Tape That Tape Made #2: Money Boss Players part 1

Money Boss Players sticker

As promised, The Tape That Tape Made will be a pretty regular thing, made somewhat easier by today’s post. The very latest in cassette technology from the Tiswas era has arrived, shunting my old deck into a retirement home.

I’m going to eke a couple of posts out of this particular tape, as it’s one of my better finds. Money Boss Players’ Ghetto Chronicle Daily is pretty much established as a minor classic EP/LP. Great Minnesota beats, a bunch of MC’s including the standout Lord Tariq, and a claustrophobic New York feel. Originals go for around £150 still, down from a peak of £300 or more. I managed to get my mitts on three sealed copies at one point, but they’ve long since found better homes.

Money Boss Players unreleased promo tape picture

This is one of a couple of tapes I’ve seen from Qwest Records full of Money Boss stuff. It has some of Ghetto Chronicle on there, but it also has some instrumentals from that EP too – and not the ones that are on the vinyl. Reading the tape before I listened to it, I figured that it was just an early version of the album with different track titles and those bonus instros.

The reality was better (and the reality was already quite good – this tape cost me $10 on eBay). Four completely unreleased vocal tracks (well, one of them a somewhat different demo version of the subseqently released ‘Walk With a Limp’). About five or fix takes of an intro called ‘Warning’. This was clearly stuff from the rumoured Cop ‘n’ Go album, which was trailed on the ‘Bronx Niggas’ 12″ in 1998. Quite strange that it has some 1994 and 1998 stuff on it, although the patchwork approach might explain why it never saw the light of day.

A few bootlegs have floated around of Cop ‘n’ Go, usually dreadful quality and stitched together from dodgy tapes and stuff that was already released. Well, here are two tracks from it, and I’ll drop another couple in the next month or two. Enjoy.

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“Cause I’m Your MBP” is fcukin DOPE!

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