RIP Gary Warnett @gwarizm

I won’t pretend to have known Gary Warnett well. In fact, we never met. However, shortly before his recent premature death we’d hooked up over instagram, twitter, the way so many of us now interact with each other across the globe. And, just before he died, he was generous enough to write this post about my new book and some forthcoming projects.

My friends Kish Kash and Brad knew Gary for a long time and, like many of us, he shared certain niche passions – hip-hop, street wear, sneakers – but he was also a perceptive chronicler of these things. His blog operated at the intersection of these overlapping magisteria, and was essential reading.

There’s a poignancy to our digital footprint at times. Gary’s last tweet was to ask for any tried and tested stomach flu cramp cures. Those words now sting in the light of what happened. Again, it’s possible to feel a loss to the community even when you didn’t really know each other. I’m reminded of DJ Matthew Africa’s untimely death. Again, we’d never met, but our online interactions had always been nothing but pleasant, and friends I trust, such as Rob Pursey, had nothing but the highest regard for him. The week he died, Matthew bought a record from me, and I know that he passed away before it made its way across the Atlantic. It’s sad to think of that record arriving with no-one to open it. And it’s sad to think of sneaker and hip-hop culture continuing without Gary Warnett to write so brilliantly about it.

Posted by drewhuge