PA Posse feat. DJ Countdown, SADE & New Flesh 4 Old – Drinking Tea with the Lads

Drinking tea recording session

As those of you who’ve read my book will know (and if you haven’t copped it, you can get it here. And if you have copped it and haven’t read it, sorry for the spoilers. And if you have copped it and it hasn’t arrived yet, that’s because the printers screwed up a whole batch and the replacements only arrived today – apologies), my favourite time as a fledgling rapper was recording the posse cut ‘Drinking Tea with the Lads’.

It was after Countdown had left ‘Prehistoric Ages Posse’ and Dan and I had morphed into ‘Progressive Agenda’. But obviously we were still all friends, as he’s in full effect on our Headnods & Broomsticks EP. We hired studio time, spent days recording a whole EP, and planned a posse cut that would be distinctively Yorkshire in flavour

I can’t remember if I was inspired by an existing song, but I really wanted to do something that had a different underlying sample for each rapper. Perhaps it was influenced by Leaders of the New School, whose debut album had that constantly moving palette of sound courtesy of The Bomb Squad. I picked a few of these myself, being at the time obsessed with borrowing jazz records from Leeds Library to find loops. I remember excitedly finding a couple of horns that LONS had used on Future Without A Past. There was the usual Jimmy Smith we always rinsed, and ‘Landscape’ by The Mohawks. It was also a way not to bore everyone rigid with an 8.42 long posse track.

So, for the record, the rappers in order are: DJ Greenpeace, S.A.D.E (Skillfully Applying Distinguished English – later known as esteemed Fat Lace designer Barrie Bee), DJ Countdown, Sweaty Convict (aka SCAM aka Speaking Critically About Mankind aka Drew Huge aka me) and the then New Flesh 4 Old line up: Part 2, Horny Baker, Boyd. I make few claims for my music career, but this is definitely the best 7 man posse track about Britain’s favourite brew ever recorded.

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Patricia Cairns

Dear Cousin Drew.
After all these years I finally get to hear you perform and I find it hilarious! Just happen to have a nice cuppa tea beside me. Please let me know how I can listen to more tracks online.
PS ……Wonder what Grandma would have made of this?

I doubt she’d have approved! Thanks for listening – I’ll be upping more tracks soon (some even worse than this…!) xx


So good to hear this after all these years….Great memories.
We need to re realese this with a 2018 version on the double A side…
Right, I fancy a brew now after all this talk of drinking tea.


Russell Hobbs name-check FTW.
Thoroughly enjoyed the book, by the way.