Jay-Z – 4:44 Review

I don’t get asked to write about Jay-Z much – what with me not owning a single record of his. I realise he’s extremely talented but for me it has always been a voice thing. I love some rappers with thin careers but amazing voices, while Jay’s just rubs me the wrong way. I like the odd track, but not enough to spend actual money.

Two other things to take into consideration. 1) I’m all for a good boast, of course, it’s the core of rap, but Jay’s habit of explaining his boasts and patting himself on the back with a little chuckle at his own cleverness is a bit self-congratulatory. 2) ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ is my least favorite song by any artist in the last 25 years.

Anyway, shout out to the kind folk at The Guardian for asking me to do this – I have once again broken my own rule of not responding to below-the-line comments in all of two minutes.

Posted by drewhuge


You took some serious heat for this. “Are you only listening to indie music normally?”

Par for the course when I do something for The Guardian. They all think we’re middle-class Julian and Jocasta’s sitting around to occasionally patronise black culture – I’ve never even been to their office!