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Roxanne Shante – Queen of Rox video

“I had to watch my language ‘cos I got so many beeps.”

I must watch the ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ video on YouTube at least once a year. It’s one of my favourite records and, obviously, it has Roxanne Shante and Marley Marl in it, so why wouldn’t you?

But I’ve never seen this video for ‘Queen of Rox’ before in 33 years of fan-dom. It’s been up on YouTube for a year, but the guy has embedding disabled, so I copped this from another warmer-hearted dude. Cameos from Marley (proving once again he was no loss to thespianism – at one point he gets out-acted by a broom), Mr Magic, UTFO (not really), Lawrence Goodman (I think, either way, give me that damn Pop Art T-shirt). Someone hurry up and invent a damn time machine, already.

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Boostin Kev – That Be Boostin’ Video & full demo

Boostin' Kev and posse

Boostin’ Kev was a quadruple threat. An MC, producer, DJ – and a threat to any self-respecting clothing shop’s racks. The shame is, hardly anybody knew it. In fact, as hip-hop life’s and deaths go, his is largely unchronicled. A handful of singles, a scattering of promise, a bedsheet hanging from a prison bar.

Kev’s discography is pretty small, but etched with more than a touch of true originality, reminiscent of the strand of rogue DNA that you find in Bizmarkie’s mush-mouthed debut. Skipping quickly past the painfully hard to find 1991 debut I’m a Booster (Parkers Records) – which is worth noting for its scarcity and for Kev’s resurrection of the Derek B/ EZQ double act of a DJ and MC in one man on Go Parker / The DJ – the record most people know Boostin’ Kev for is 1995’s That Be Boostin (Black Market).

Dropped during the indie boom, it’s an easy-to-find and easy-to-love piece of lo-fi whimsy. Kev outlines his boostin’ credentials, dropping his knowledge of emptying clothes shops and shouting out his fellow Lo-lifes. The British equivalent – a song about shoplifting biscuits from Budgens, perhaps – just wouldn’t sound the same. Continue reading →

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