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Promo Only: Hip-Hop memorabilia crowdfunding is live…

Promo Only book cover

Regular watchers of the Instagram channels of myself and @dangreenpeace will know that our cribs are treasure troves of all the hip-hop ephemera we’ve collected over the years.

It’s stuff we bought when we were teenage fans, stuff we got given when we were journalists and DJ’s, and stuff we’ve picked up in the internet age from people around the world. Hell, there’s even the odd bit the artists gave us too.

We’ve got boxes, chests, wardrobes full of this stuff, and we’ve made friends all over the planet with great collections too. That’s what we’re bringing together in Promo Only – our collections exclusively photographed, but we’ve reached out to some big-hitters too to contribute their pieces.

We’ve made a video so you can check out what it’s all about, and there are great rewards for supporting the book. And we’ll be adding even more reward levels soon – we’re working on some really exciting stuff right now.

We’re collaborating with the wise heads at Unbound on this, so head over to the Promo Only project page now to learn all about it. And if you’re on instagram, follow @dangreenpeace, @drewhuge and @promoonlybook to see sneak peeks of some of the dopeness that will be in the book.

Ice Cube Who's the mack promo cap

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Trenton Makes, The World Takes: Tony D bonus

Shortly after posting my Tony D interview the other day, I remembered that my man PQuest had just issued a dope limited run T-shirt. It captures the time when Naughty By Nature were acccused of jacking a beat from Tony D’s 1989 instrumental compilation Music Makes You Move. They – allegedly – used it for a little known and deeply obscure song called ‘O.P.P’ which no-one ever heard anything about ever again. As Tony told me, he didn’t have much of a leg to stand on legally, considering his own laissez faire attitude towards the samples he’d used.

Anyway, PQuest is a huge Tony D fan, and these tees are not only fantastically niche in a way it’s hard not to love, they’re green (the best colour for rap tees) and, best of all, each one sold makes a contribution to Tony’s widow and two children.

Cop them here – do your bit for Tony’s family and, at the same time, commemorate a small piece of hip-hop folklore. We hope this grows into a thing – coming soon, the Fat Lace Big Daddy Kane AIDS rumour tee.

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New in the Wiggaz shop: Fat Lace Back Issues

Fat Lace Issue 2 coverFat Lace Issue 4 coverFat Lace Issue 5 cover

You want Issue 1 or 3? You came to the wrong place. They’re all ‘sold’ out like Peter and Corey. You don’t want issue 2, 4 or 5? You also came to the wrong place, as this is an advert for them. You want issue 6? It doesn’t exist, dummy. Anyhoo, you can pick these up at the shop. Holla with any Q’s.

Shout out to Rob Pursey, DJ Yoda, Barrie Bee, Mike Hard and Dan Large for doing the damn thing. And me.

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