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Trenton Where We Live: Tony D interview

Hip-hop heroes seem to be dropping like flies recently. I prefer them when they’re droppin’ funky verses. I spoke to Trenton, New Jersey producer and rapper Tony D not very long before he died, in an interview for Hip-Hop Connection. I spoke to YZ and Wise Intelligent in the same week and it was nice to join the dots between the three, even after a lot of not always smooth history.

Tony D reading a newspaper

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That’s what Connections is all about

hip-hop connection connection page

Many thanks to Leaders of the New School for the dodgy grammar of that post title.

Hip-Hop Connection, the world’s first rap monthly (take that, The Source) started out as a phoneline before taking shape as a magazine. Courtesy of first Chris Hunt at the Tower of Power, then Andy Cowan at the Tomb of Boom, HHC went through many iterations, shoved from publisher to publisher. We’ll dig into HHC history in due course, but a feature of its early days, inherited from the phoneline concept, was ‘Connections’ where you could make contact with like-minded readers. Continue reading →

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