Crap Graf

Crap Graf: ‘Bone, Thugs & Disharmony’ by Wally Duchamp

I Fucked Mrs Bones crap graf

This Crap Graf was submitted by a young reader called Jimmy Clarke. He’s a gentleman known as a frequenter of public lavatories for strange amounts of time. Way too long for a number one, a bit too long for a number two, and possibly even longer than you need for a Frankie Goes to Hollywood*. We’re not sure what he’s up to in there, but it has helped him develop a curate’s eye for lavatorial art, and this is very much a curate’s egg. Continue reading →

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Crap Graf: ‘The Fight Continues’ by Corbyn Cru

Crap Graf Corbyn Cru reading Yuppies Out

The infamous Corbyn Cru, known for their saturation tagging of Islington walls, here delight us with another well-crafted and thoughtful piece.

Yes, at first glance it might look like a naive piece of class warfare from the 1980’s. But we expect more from these veterans. Spending time with their unique art, soaking up the networks of meaning, teasing out the subtext, the parallels and allusions, would usually reward us with that ‘Aha!’ moment. That nano-second where the disparate elements coalesce into a beautiful and profound whole. We expect a tidal wave – nay, a tsunami – of meaning to sweep over our senses. Continue reading →

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Crap Graf Back

Crap Graf - Tory Election Fraud

“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without some crap graf to be briefly amused by.” I’m not really sure how Rakim got such a great reputation with clunky lyrics like that, but there you go. It doesn’t even rhyme.

The history of Crap Graf is one of how to completely drop the ball on a great idea. Having kicked it off in Fat Lace (RIP), continued it in HHC (RIP) and the Fat Lace blog (RIP), we even went so far as to buy the URL back when Ask Jeeves was still a thing. With which we did nada. Since then, other crap graf sites have entered the game, bought our discarded URLs, done their spin-off book, cashed out and gone home. We’re not mad at them. We appreciate their love for poor, aggressive, misspelled and often heavily sexual graffiti. But there’s Crap Graf, and there’s original Crap Graf. Continue reading →

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