The Tape That Tape Made #4: Tribe From the Northside

I’m keeping it Trenton this week, with a tape I picked up online a few years ago. I already knew what I was buying, but even if I hadn’t I’d be lured in by the cover, the group’s name, and tracks with names like ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘Asalamalakum’.

Tribe from the Northside tape cover Continue reading →

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The Tape That Tape Made #3: Double Dip – Marchitect & 2 of a Kind

Let’s nerd out on some uncheap stuff here. Marchitect’s ‘Dead in Your Tracks’ is a dope 1994 indie staple, beloved of the people who think the mid 90’s rap records that sold 11 copies are the golden age. Regardless, this is still a nice, rarely seen killer. Even rarerererer is the cassingle, which has a hitherto unshared, unposted tape-only track called ‘Corners of the mind’. I mean, it’s only okay, isn’t it? But someone out there will love this, and perhaps also the unflattering picture of Marchitect on the tape cover. Continue reading →

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PA Posse X New Flesh 4 Old – Three Nipples of Scaramanga

Three nipples of Scaramanga demo tape

There’s a fair amount of humilation involved in writing a memoir. Well, there is if you’re being honest with yourself. At the top end of the market, actual celebs with their ghost-written books tend to be on an upward curve constantly. There’ll be a brief moment of trauma, which leads to learning and hugs all round, before they continue on to the day their wedding was in Hello. At the non-famous end of the market, it’s important to be a bit more realistic. Often, one day of being wack is followed by another. And then by 363 more.

Writing a memoir about my failed rap career (sorry for the spoiler, but I assume you already know this. There’s a reason I’m not on the new DJ Khaled album) involved trawling through lyric sheets I wrote in the 80’s and listening to finished demos, beat tapes from my DJ’s, rehearsals, radio freestyles and more. There’s the ache of nostalgia, the fun times. There are also moments of downright shame and ‘what the hell were we thinking?’ You need to be reasonably ontologically secure before you start revisiting your failure.

So, anyway, I’m going to share some music with you from time to time. Don’t expect anything as good as that Money Boss Players unreleased stuff from the other day, or that Lazy Laz demo I’ll be dropping soon. We’re a group that didn’t make it that far, but this book is written in the spirit of full disclosure.

This is one of the last things we ever did. The full story is in Wiggaz With Attitude, but in brief: We went to a studio in York with the-then New Flesh 4 Old line-up, minus Toastie Taylor who couldn’t make it. We were supposed to make some jingles for a radio show I think, but we didn’t bother. In the end we all wrote some lyrics in the studio, put this track together, recorded it in one day (you can tell) and that was it.


However, at the time Hip-Hop Connection had their Demoblaster column still going, so I thought it would be fun to submit it anonymously – as the ‘Bloody Beat Haemophiliacs’. Don’t ask. The results are below. The track is produced by DJ Greenpeace, features first Bang Out of Order (here as The Bearded Nurse), yours truly (appearing as Squinty Nadzack the Children’s Friend – seriously, don’t ask) and finally Part 2 (as Percy Topless). It’s silly and throwaway, but it was fun. I don’t think anyone has heard it, and I’m not sure Part 2 even has a copy. If not, here you go Keith.

Review of three nipples of scaramanga from hip-hop connection

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The best of Prodigy by Dan Greenpeace

Infamous Mobb Deep press photo

We’re still celebrating the life of Prodigy over here at Wiggaz. If you missed it, peep my piece written after a sleepless night here.

But the best way to remember P is definitely through the music. My brother from a nagging mother Dan Greenpeace has put together some gems for the peeps at, and you can catch it below. He’s sidestepped the super-obvious joints for some curated classics – and a couple of things you won’t hear anywhere else. A killer 2004 radio freestyle from Dan’s late All City Show on XFM, and a 2006 interview from the same show. And ‘Cop Hell’, obviously.

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The Tape That Tape Made #2: Money Boss Players part 1

Money Boss Players sticker

As promised, The Tape That Tape Made will be a pretty regular thing, made somewhat easier by today’s post. The very latest in cassette technology from the Tiswas era has arrived, shunting my old deck into a retirement home.

I’m going to eke a couple of posts out of this particular tape, as it’s one of my better finds. Money Boss Players’ Ghetto Chronicle Daily is pretty much established as a minor classic EP/LP. Great Minnesota beats, a bunch of MC’s including the standout Lord Tariq, and a claustrophobic New York feel. Originals go for around £150 still, down from a peak of £300 or more. I managed to get my mitts on three sealed copies at one point, but they’ve long since found better homes. Continue reading →

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The Tape That Tape Made #1: KRS-One & Kid Capri: Stomp

A few years back, I was collaborating with my homies at Southern Hospitality – Superix and Rob Pursey – on a mixtape called Rappers Have Feelings Too (by the way, it’s great and you can check it out here). Leaving Superix’s spot, I found that their neighbour had left an unwanted tape deck outside his door in the communal hallway. It has a note on saying ‘free to a good home’. I scooped it up and took it for a ride on the tube home.

I hadn’t had a tape deck in 20 years. Not since I left behind the dark days of the teenage bedroom midi system. All of the separates systems I put together during my life in London never included one. It was a format I’d pretty much given up on, despite me carrying, from flat to flat and house to house, a box of vintage radio tapes and demos from my crew. I know for many people it had always been a favourite format. Cheaper than vinyl and CDs in the 80’s and 90’s, portable, compact, it was cherished by many loyalists. But I was a vinyl hoarder, and sometimes you have to draw a line. Continue reading →

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