About Andrew Emery

Andrew Emery headshot

Andrew Emery is a hip-hop writer and journalist who has written for dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites. He was contributing editor of Hip-Hop Connection for many years, founded, edited and published Fat Lace Magazine, and is the author of The Book of Hip-Hop Cover Art. He has written for The Guardian (check out some of his stuff here), Arena, The Face, Loaded, The Observer, Jack, Word, Muzik, Ministry, Select, Q, Bizarre, Soho House Magazine, Ego Trip and, erm, Nuts. And some more as well, including New Musical Express (he could have just put NME, but the SEO plug-in he’s using is telling him this page is too short, so let’s call that what it is – padding).

His new book, Wiggaz With Attitude: My Life as a Failed White Rapper, is launching on August 21st 2017. Andrew (this third person stuff is bit weird, btw) is also working with Dan Greenpeace on The Book of Hip-Hop Memorabilia, and is full steam ahead (i.e. he’s created a thus far empty word document for each of them) on Adventures With Rappers and The Biographical Dictionary of Hip-Hop.

It’s kind of weird to mention it here, but he also does some digital marketing, specialising in content, and has headed up large-scale content projects for Hertz, Tesco Bank, Leeds Building Society, 888.com and more. If you’ve somehow come here to read about hip-hop and Andrew’s book projects but then have suddenly thought, “hey, I could use some savvy SEO advice especially around creating engaging content that Google’s latest algorithm will love,” – which he admits is unlikely – then drop him a line.