Month: August 2017

Wiggaz With Attitude: You can cop that.

Wiggaz With Attitude final book cover

Normal blogging service will resume as soon as this book is launched. For those waiting for it to actually to be available before plumping for it – you can now pre-order it from the links below. If you’ve been kind enough to pre-order it, I’ll be signing and shipping those copies over the weekend – I truly appreciate your support. If you’ve ordered Fat Lace back issues or the Cover Art book, they’ll be shipping with it.

Signed paperback copies are only available from me here.

If you’d rather buy from a ‘reputable’ retailer (or take advantage of your Prime account)…

UK customers can pre-order the ebook here (it goes on sale on the 21st) –

and the paperback here (already on sale!) –

For those in the US, the ebook can be pre-ordered here –

And the paperback here. Again, thanks for your support. We trying to eat out here!


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The Regulator Show with Rob Pursey & Superix… and me

I had a fantastic time dropping down to London last week to make an appearance on Soho Radio’s excellent The Regulator Show. Basically, I could talk about hip-hop for about 17 years straight with Rob Pursey and DJ Superix without getting bored.

We kept it strictly 80s – Peso, Just-Ice, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, King Tee, Disco Four, Fresh 3 MC’s, Jamose, Afrocentric classics and more – while talking about my book, experiencing hip-hop in the north in the 80s and how we fiended for rap radio. Yep, this is some foundational business, so we tipped our hat to some UK classics as well.

Peep the show, and follow those dudes over here. Basically, it doesn’t matter what genre or era they cover, they’re authorities on it.

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At The Party

Apologies for the silence on the blog for the last week. I’ve just been finishing off all the stuff around the Wiggaz book launch and, along with my man Dan Greenpeace, making moves for our hip-hop memorabilia project. There’ll be a home page coming in the next week or two with more details on that. And I also found time to have a couple of days off and eat my own body weight in confit duck and boquerones. Lots of classic interviews, audio etc. coming up in the next few weeks and, if you’re in the area, this is the spot to be at on Thursday…

wiggaz launch party poster


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