Wiggaz With Attitude: Words, verbs and hip-hop

Welcome to Wiggaz With Attitude. This isn’t just somewhere I’ll* be writing and promoting and endlessly blah-ing on about the book of the same name. Although there will certainly be some of that.

It’s also somewhere I’ll be blogging about new and old hip-hop, where you can find some ‘classic’ (yeah, I’m going with that) pieces from Fat Lace and Hip-Hop Connection with new commentary. And I’ll be damned if I’m not bringing Crap Graf back.

Look out also for some extended interviews with the great and good of the hip-hop world – e.g. that time I interviewed RZA for The Guardian Guide and had 3000 words of stuff I couldn’t use. There’ll be embarrassing photos, rare audio and video too.

If you’re here just for the book, you can read more about it and pre-order a signed copy here.

Wiggaz paperback

* I being ‘Andrew Emery’, ‘Drew Huge’, ‘Scam’, ‘Kold Kid E’ or ‘MC Melody Ski’ depending on how long you’ve known me.

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